Background art for animated movies .

Handpainted and/or Digital

For a long time she has painted backgrounds for animation movies, at first on paper/board and later digitally. Her work can be found in many movies and TV-series.

close to 100% copy of Chepetto's room - out of Disney's production Pinocchio 
handpainted with gouache on strathmore board

This project was produced in Munich by Kopenhagen based A Film and Munich Animation.

Bg Art

Background paintings are completed in compositing with animation and special effects.

All dogs go to heaven 2 - concept art

Colourkeys are small speedpainted frames. Ussuallly used as a light and palette reference for the final background.

The Little Polar Bear - colour key

Winnetoons - concept art

In the old days these keys were painted with quoache on Strathmore paper board.

Asterix and The Vikings - concept art

Simsallagrimm - concept art

Karlsson on The Roof - colour key

All dogs go to heaven 2 - concept art

The Little Polar Bear - colour key

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